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Merchant Revolving Credit Lines and Small Business Loans.

What Is a Merchant Revolving Credit Line?

Merchant revolving credit lines are not business loans. Basically, our clients sell a small percentage of their future business in order to receive additional capital that they require. The advanced funds are remitted gradually with the future sales that a business makes.

Merchant Revolving Credit Line vs Small Business Loans

Merchant Revolving Credit Lines differ from small business loans in a vast amount of ways. Small business loans are accompanied by interest rates, while merchant revolving credit lines do not come accompanied with an interest rate at all. We will take a small predetermined amount of money from every credit transaction that you process.

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Merchant Revolving Credit Lines and Small Business Loans are two very different financing options. Find out why so many businesses are choosing a business revolving credit line instead of using a small business loan for their financial needs.