Hi Tech Funding can you get your small business the working capital it needs.

Merchant Revolving Credit Lines from Hi Tech Funding


We use the term alternate business working capital lightly as revolving business lines of credit have become mainstream in the face of banks lending squeeze. You can borrow as little, or as much as you need.


Hi Tech Funding was developed with the premium business in mind. Our unique team of funding experts have almost 20 years of combined experience in funding large (Over $500,000) deals so we are able to help you expand your business faster.

No Need for Credit Card Processing


At Hi Tech Funding, we understand that not all businesses process credit cards. While this may be a deterrent to other lending firms, we offer a unique Bank Only ACH that allows Cash Only businesses to receive revolving lines of credit for capital.




Hi Tech Funding has a team of funding experts that specialize in a broad array of creative finances strategizes to get your business that revolving line of credit of term loan it needs quickly. Whether you are a small business looking for more direct financing or a larger business looking to franchise and expand faster, the team at Hi Tech Funding has you covered. 

  • Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in the industry.
  • Our team has financed large deals in excess of $5,000,000.
  • Our strategic partnerships allow us to target a wide range of businesses.
  • We will work with you to grow your business model and revenue to secure larger advances.
  • Our funding specialists are available every day to assist your business outside of normal operational hours.


  • It was rapidly drawing close to the Ski season and orders for equipment were starting to come in unexpectedly fast. A bad storm cased a local resort to place a wholesale order. Hi Tech Funding was able to provide me with the funds I need to get that wholesale order processed without hurting my normal inventory.

    George HendersonBusiness Manager, George's Sporting Goods
  • Inheriting my father's Italian Restaurant in Texas was not part of my plans. While the restaurant had a local following and was generating store revenue, it needed extensive repairs to get it to the next level. Thanks to Hi Tech Funding and their $150,000 advance, I was able to expand and repair the restaurant while rennovating the entire front facade.

    Mary WorthRestauranteer
  • My Design Firm was getting crushed by the competition. Half of our computers were PCs from the early 2000s and there was only one modern MAC in the office. In addition, the studio lighting was inadequate for design and we need more light. Enter Hi Tech Funding and a $75,000 Advance for new equipment. Sweet.

    Jaceb AireyGraphic Designer
  • I had a contract with a large national gym to be an independent contractor / instructor for their Yoga Classes for more high end clientele. Unfortunately, my studio loft just wasn't the best location and the site inspection was coming up soon. Also, I didn't process credit cards, but I was able to secure a $20,000 revolving credit line to place a deposit on a neighboring loft.

    Victoria BenetonYoga Instructor
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